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You will make a splash at your outdoor party when you have a dunk tank in your backyard. The perfect addition to fundraisers and BBQs, people will be lining up to take aim and soak the victim. Just make sure you’re not the one in the hot seat! Find services that provide rentals in Georgia. Have you ever considered dunking someone? Take our poll to tell us who. Dunk Tanks For Rent


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Who Would You Dunk?

There’s a reason why dunk tanks are so popular: who wouldn’t want the excuse to dunk someone they know? Take our poll and let us know who you would love to see end up in a 500-gallon tub filled with water.

Who Would You Like To See in the Dunk Tank?
Your favorite relative
Your annoying younger sibling
Your boss
Your darling significant other

If this poll gave you any ideas, use KidsParties.Party to find services in Georgia that will bring one to your next event.

When you think about it, dunking someone could be a really strange concept for a birthday celebration! We collected birthday tradtions from across the globe so you could see exactly how exciting or strange some parties could get! Check it out on our blog.

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