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If you have an aspiring equestrian in your family, consider hosting a pony or horseback riding party for their next birthday. KidsParties.Party features services that offer parties for all ages and skill levels, from guided rides for beginners to more advanced lessons. Connect with stables, barns and mobile services in your area of New York. Scroll to learn some interesting facts about ponies. Pony Birthday Parties


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9 Facts About Ponies That You May Not Know:

1. There are over 200 breeds of ponies.

2. The Shetland pony is perhaps the most well-known breed.
Pony Parties For Kids
3. Some people think that ponies are just baby horses, but they are in fact entirely different animals. They have a different bone structure than horses, as well as thicker necks, shorter legs and smaller heads.

4. Despite their size, ponies are actually much stronger than horses. Most breeds of ponies evolved in areas with rough, rocky terrain and inhospitable climates, which makes these little guys pretty tough.

5. Baby ponies are called foals.

6. Hackneys were the first breed of ponies that were used for work. Horses in general were first domesticated over 5,000 years ago, and primarily used for transportation over long distances.

7. They will drink between 20-30 gallons of water a day.

8. They have two blind spots, one of which is behind them. If they sense someone coming from behind them they will kick.

9. Ponies are vegetarian and do not eat any meat.

Now that you are an expert on ponies, find party services in your area that will allow you to interact with these miniature equines.

KidsParties.Party can help you find riding centers in New York that offer pony rides, as we as traveling services that bring the horses to you.

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