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Younger children are just beginning to explore the world, and Mom and Dad can barely keep up! Your toddler is growing up incredibly fast. Before you know it, it will be time to plan their birthday. KidsParties.Party connects busy parents with resources for planning parties, such as entertainers and venues, in . Scroll down to learn some fascinating facts about your little one. Toddler-Friendly Parties


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What Makes Young Children So Fascinating?

Your little one is growing up right before your eyes. What's really going on with their growth? Read some fascinating facts about younger children.
1. Toddlers have far better hearing than adults. Due to their “young ears,” they have yet to experience noise pollution or hearing loss associated with aging.

Parties For Toddlers2. When your child first develops their fine motor skills, they are likely to be ambidextrous. It isn’t until age three that they start to favor one hand over the other.

3. Children’s kneecaps are made completely out of cartilage until they reach about three years old. After this point, they start developing bones. This means plenty of scraped knees and boo boos to come.

4. By 12 months, children can stand on their own. By 15 months, they’ll be able to walk and by age three, they can learn how to ride a tricycle!

5. There’s a reason why younger kids are such picky eaters. Drawing for evolutionary psychology, our ancestors would forage for food, as opposed to going to the local supermarket. Any unknown foodstuffs could have been poisonous and potentially fatal. Toddlers, because they have yet to develop higher-level cognition, still rely on these cautious instincts. That’s why it takes several tries to introduce a new menu item.

6. The average 2-year-old can add up to five new words into their vocabulary every single day. Once they have enough language acquisition, they’ll never stop talking.

7. Between the ages of one and two is when your child’s cognitive abilities really start to develop. This period is when they experience explosive brain growth.

8. Tantrums, though incredibly unpleasant, are a totally normal part of child development. Toddlers lack emotional regulation and impulse control, which leads to their catastrophic meltdowns. They also feel more comfortable around Mom and Dad, which is why their behavior is often better around perfect strangers than with family. Once your child starts learning social skills and appropriate behavior, their tantrums will (hopefully) diminish.

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