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Planning a party is no laughing matter. Comedians are a unique source of entertainment for parties and events. Whether your are looking for a stand-up entertainer or a scripted stage show, KidsParties.Party features the top comedy entertainment in Texas. Want a laugh? Scroll below to see some of our favorite types of humor. Kids Comedians


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Different Styles of Comedy

We at KidsParties.Party have a sense of humor. You could say we're a bunch of comedians. We've created a poll to see what types of comedy our visitors enjoy.

What is Your Favorite Type of Comedy?
Slapstick - The more exaggerated and wacky, the better!
Satire - Humor that makes you say, "they're kidding, right?"
Improv/Sketch Comedy - You love watching performers put on mini performances that include the phrase "yes, and..." pretty often.
Stand-up - As long as they don't start telling knock-knock jokes...

You've heard the phrase: "everybody's a comedian," right? That’s why, when planning a party or event, you should leave the entertainment to the experts. KidsParties.Party has an entire list of kid-friendly comedy entertainers who will perform clean stand-up routines in Texas.

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