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Having a party entertainer show up to your next event will quadruple the chances of your party being a hit. Party entertainers take the spotlight onto themselves so that you dont have to. One of the reasons that we've created is so that you can sit back and relax and not have to worry about entertaining everyone and also so that you have definitive and trusted guide at your fingertips so that you can easily find unique certified birthday party entertainers in Texas. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the top 6 reasons to hire a party entertainer. Magicians for hire


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Six reasons to hire a local Party Entertainer from your area in Texas 


These reasons will make sense to you - We promise 


1. They (the entertainer) will do most of the grunt work - The whole idea behind hiring top quality entertainment is so that the entertainer will keep all of your guests entertained and enlightened for a specified period of time. Let the entertainer be the star of the show. You could have the entertainer pop in as a surprise where nobody knows (which is exciting), or you could clue everyone in on the schedule before-hand which might even make more sense and perhaps make things more exciting because if everyone had an invitation of the entertainer, the guests could be excited in anticipation for the entertaiment that is lined up on the schedule!


2. Live entertainers are like Broadway coming to you! - It's true. Not many young children have been in front of live improvised audiences where they can experience impromtu performances, or live entertanment that provides a real life avant guarde theatre type of experience that could potentially sweep them away into a hysteria and addiction to see live theatre or improvisation for the rest of their lives.


So the main point here is that live entertainment at such a young influential age could help develop your little budding child into someone who appreciates and craves the live performane arts for the rest of thier lives.


3. Entertainers are more cost effective than you think - OK, lets do some simple math. If you have 20 kids at your party and the entertainer costs $275 for 2 hours of entertainment, you are paying about $7 per hour per kid or $14 total per kid for top level live entertainment. Try going to a Broadway show for that price or even better yet, have the Broadway actors come to your home for $14 per ticket! Not going to happen :)


4. Diversity of entertainers - There are a plethora of opportunities available. You can pick your poison like the fire eating masked stranger to the creepy and almost scary performer. Its up to you.


5. You'll be top mom (or dad) - ALL of the kids will talk about how great your party (and unique entertainer) was and you child will become a viral star in school for at least a couple of weeks. Maybe even years! And you will get all of the credit!


6. Because lets face it, you're not an entertainer - Yes, no one can get your little bumpkin laughing harder than you but thats because they love you (or at least they are fimilar with you) :). But come on now, don't short your little loved one becaue your so vain and you think that your are the next Jim Carrey. It might work one on one with your birthday child, but its probably not going to work with the real live critics (the birthday guests!). Now don't get us wrong, you may very well be quite talented, but why dont you just ramp it up and have a real professional entertainer work on the entire crowd on your behalf?


You can even introduce them and tell a few jokes as the MC for your quick, few moments of fame. But let a professional entertainer do the work for you. Your kids, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, your closest friends and grandmas will thank you. Trust us.


We can help if you need us


If you would like help to plan or choose a quality party entertainer in your area and have questions or are simply unsure about what you should do for your event, please feel free to call at 732-298-6015. We offer a free consultation service to help you with ideas or to connect you to an entertainer at no charge. 


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We want to make it simple for you. We want to help you get a top level entertainer for the lowest cost. We will not try to sell you or pressure you into anything. We will simply give you advice. You can call the entertainers yourself or we can shop for the perfect entertainer for you absolutley free. 


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